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Running project: RSVP: artists respond to aspex : 1-5-2010 / Mélanie Berger, Yvan Derwéduwé & Kristin Posehn 1 May - 27 June 2010
---- 11 years, 3 months and 10 days ago --------
Preview & Artists' Talk: Saturday 1 May, 2-4pm
Curator's Talk: Wednesday 19 May, 6pm

Over the next three years aspex will be working on a European Union funded project aimed at building and broadening audiences for contemporary visual art by creating a sustainable model for audience development. aspex asked our partners on the project, Fabrica, Brighton; La Malterie, France; L’H du Siege, France; Kunst & Zwalm, Belgium and Netwerk, Belgium, to recommend artists who they considered appropriate for the RSVP project.

Three artists were selected, Mélanie Berger, Yvan Derwéduwé, and Kristin Posehn. They were invited to spend some time at aspex and its immediate surroundings and research the history of the area, its people and culture. Following their visit, each artist returned home to develop ideas and new work in response to their first impressions of the place.

Mélanie Berger lives and works in Paris.
Sketches, animations and books are used by Mélanie to express a constantly evolving chain of thought. The mistakes and flaws that occur during production are preserved and have become an essential characteristic of her work.

Yvan Derwéduwé lives and works in Gent.
Yvan’s work is firmly anchored in daily life. He pays particular attention to the expectations and unspoken codes that regulate human social behaviour. Yvan subtly, sometimes provocatively, examines and questions these patterns often using a range of everyday and banal materials.

Kristin Posehn lives and works in Maastricht.
Kristin’s work considers architectural space as a mutable collection of surfaces. Photography is used to map aspects of built environments. The images are then accurately assembled to produce a representation of the original structure.

RSVP is part-financed by the European Union.
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