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WELCOME TO MY PREVIEW PAGE / please read and reply
---- 16 years, 6 months and 8 days ago
well - here we go -
finally my site is shaping up and reaching the world thanks to the kind support of the development team and woohooooooooo i can talk to you all directly!

on this page i will keep you posted on upcoming shows through the means of text, pictures, movies, etc.

and if things work fine you can all answer me or comment on my stories and i can answer you again and again -
let's rock and roll !

many kisses to all of you - yvan
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waaaahhh yvan lol
hahah eindelyk ik heb je website gevondeuhh muahahaha!! het is geweldig!! mooi gedaan! ik sta versteld.. ik ga het zeker laten zien aan mn ma toffe foto's en nice art!! i'm lovin' it!! ALLOT achjah.. anyways ik zie je wel ... leraar!! lolssss bye en tot ng is !! greetz and hugzzzzz Gizem *die ng alty een foto van je wilt!!*
18 Mar 2006 - Gizem!!
> REPLY to waaaahhh yvan lol
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